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Puddle Jumper is the first plane of Airport Mania1 and 2.It is the ONLY plane that can be found at Stage 1, the other one being the Daily Commuter and Turbo Twin Airliner in Airport Mania: First Flight. When the FIRST Puddle Jumper is landed, The award of the Puddle Jumper will unlock and pop up on the screen.

                 Description : Small plane for short flights with few months people.                         


Maximum Earnings:Edit

Landing/Taking Off : $750

Arrival/Departure : $450


Passengers : 10

Patience: High

Load Speed : Fast


This is the smallest plane in Airport Mania 1 and 2. 

It is also 'the lowest earning plane.

This plane has highest patience in Airport Mania 1 and 2

This plane is based on the Puddle Jumper real plane